Framed Print Add On

Add even more glamour to your Lenticular print with the addition of a premium frame.

$ 200.00 NZD

Incl gst + price of print

Nature - Lava

Limited Edition Lenticular Art Print
of 6 available

$ 1,399.00 NZD

Incl GST - Shipping Additional
incl gst +shipping

Watch as red hot lava bubbles forth on this premium Animated Lenticular Print

Part of the Fuzed Limited Edition Lenticular Prints, each unique artwork is only produced six times to ensure that your piece of art is something special which not only makes a bold statement wherever it hangs but also will make people look twice in awe.


Materials: 18LPI Lens, print media and adhesive   
Lenticular Effect: Animation

Thickness: 3.4mm
Width: 800mm
Height: 446mm
Weight: 1.2kgs

Unframed art dispatched within 7 working days

Framed Specifications

Thickness: 40mm
Width: 830mm
Height: 477mm
Weight: 2.0kgs

Framed art dispatched within 12 working days

Additional Information

Framed items shown are for the purposes of display only, a frame may be added to your print by purchasing our Framed Print Add On product for an additional cost.

Price shown above is for the print without frame, including GST, without shipping. Please add item to cart to see shipping options.

Our online shipping options only include New Zealand locations, however international shipping is available by contacting us.
If contacting us about an international purchase please provide the name of the print you would like and whether or not you would like it framed.
We will get back to your enquiry as soon as possible with a quote and provide a link for credit card payment for purchase.

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