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Our range of services is extensive; from your regular CMYK print through to specialities like lenticular, we offer so many print options it would take us all day to list them all. We can manage any print project from concept and design through to finishing - and everything in-between.

Check out some of our most popular services below.

stand out


We know how to be different, can’t you tell by our site? Being different means being seen... in a good way of course. Stand out from the crowd with unique designs. First concepts to the finishing touches, our team can help your ideas come to life.

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turn it up


Anyone can print, but can everyone deliver quality and colour that feels like it’s been cranked up to eleven? Our wide range of printing formats will meet any clients needs, whether you’re after a classic or something weird and wonderful. We can take your simple job and make sure it’s a number one hit!

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see more than double


Our lenticular printing is completely unique and has proven to be a marketing tool for any advertiser that will make your audience look at least twice. The options for Lenticular print are endless - business cards, bus shelters, even amazing art pieces. Create your next eye catching design with our lenticular printing service.

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good as gold


Make your printing precious with this service because it is as good as gold. Digital metallic printing is here with gold or silver toners, create an extra special award or invite, because now gold doesn’t cost a fortune to print. Or really make your design shine and come to life with our special replicated foiling process using gold or silver laminates and 3D Digital Overglossing.

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cop a feel


Traditionally printing has been a visual medium but we’re not in the dark ages anymore. The future is here and it feels so good. Want a rough rhino, a shiny snake, sand paper that feels like....sand? Our printing is so good even the blind can see it, think we’re joking? The NZ Blind Foundation would say otherwise...

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but wait there's more...

extra punch


We like to think of ourselves as the champions when it comes to delivering a world class result... don’t worry we have the awards to prove it. From heavy-weight binding to tactile laminates, our finishing moves will knock your socks off and leave you seeing stars.

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hidden gems

other services

Everyone has to be a little bit different, don’t worry we’ve allowed for that. If we have a job that doesn’t fit in anywhere else or you’ve got a wacky idea and you’re wondering if we’d be keen to help, well this is where you are most welcome. View our gallery of unique jobs that we have executed and get in touch here to tell us about yours.

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