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Excuse us while we blow our own trumpet for a minute!

Limited Edition Fuzed Lenticular Art Pieces

We have just launched our first series of Limited Edition Lenticular Art pieces. Lenticular has been hugely popular for us internationally in the commercial market and we are excited to bring lenticular art to New Zealand homes and businesses.

Lenticular print has been practiced around the world for many years with the earliest forms of this genre dating back to the late 16th century. The more modern forms of lenticular like our animation (or motion print) with viewing of up to 60 video frames within a print has only evolved into what it is in the last few years.

It’s always been cost prohibitive and reserved for high end marketing or commercial use. Not anymore!

Yes, we’re showing off!

May we continue?

We have spent the last 12 months creating our Limited Edition Lenticular Art Piece Series #1: Nature - for our new online art store.  This store will help reduce the costly and time consuming task of artwork, concepts and file preparation so all you need to do is pick out your favourite piece from our series, purchase and install. All without leaving your (home) office.

No items found.

We invite you to visit our new artstore today and purchase your favourite series #1 image before they’re all gone! There are six amazing images in this first series and we will only be producing six of each design, so you will need to make sure you get in quick. Once they’re all gone we will not be producing that design again so that your artwork remains rare and treasured.

Like us.

Rare and treasured.

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