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Introducing the Xerox Iridesse!

Released late last year, we here at Fuzed decided to purchase a new digital press, the Fuji Xerox Iridesse. It was installed the week before Christmas making it the first in Australasia, and only the second in the world. Being first is not always a good thing but there are too many obvious benefits with this press that will suit everyone, which makes this a very versatile asset that was in no-way a gamble for Fuzed.

What makes this addition to our arsenal so tantalising is the growth of possibilities that we can now produce for you. Not only can this print Clear, Gold and Silver toner, (which have all been redeveloped to look even better than before), we can now lay the Gold and Silver underneath the other CMYK colours to produce metallic colours that need-to-be-seen-to-be-believed out of a digital press.

White toner base with CMYK on top on red popset

White toner has been added to this press and it gives the ability to print onto a much wider range of colour substrates as well as transparent media which is perfect for point of sale collateral and window decals, just to name a couple.

Need some banners printed? We can now offer you another longer sheet option printed in-house, which is more cost effective than printing wide format, up to 1200mm long, a great way to produce short run signage, shelf strips etc  

Just some of the features of the Iridesse;

• Redeveloped Gold and Silver

• Metallic pantone colours

• Introduction of White

• Print 6 colours in one pass

• Print on 400gsm

• Wide range of media options

• Print up to 1200mm long

• Up to 120pp booklets

• Square edge booklets

• Three knife trimming

• Creasing inline

• Cover inserter  

There are so many other great features inside this Iridesse magic box, so pick up the phone or send us an email and we will be more than happy to show you some of the awesome prints that can now easily be produced while keeping the costs down.

For more information click here for the article in the February edition of the NZ Printer Magazine.

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Clear toner on CMKY
White toner base with CMYK on top on pink popset
Silver toner base with CMYK
Examples of Gold, Silver, White & Clear on black popset

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