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New Product Alert: AntiMicrobial Synthetic Paper

New Product Alert: AntiMicrobial Synthetic Paper

With the latest outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19, it has hit home to us all that we are one case away from being locked down! Here at Fuzed, we are always looking for new ways that we can help you, our customers, with innovative ideas and this one helps keep you safe too. We have just received access to a fantastic new product that has a greater than 99% AntiMicrobial efficiency - even when it has been fully printed on.

Great, what’s it called?
We call it Matte White AntiMicrobial Synthetic Stock.

What is it exactly?
A Synthetic stock that ranges from 125gsm (90 microns) all the way through to 510gsm (350 microns) in SRA3 sheet size. It’s a more hygienic and durable paper than standard synthetics or laminated papers. It’s been designed to keep often-touched surfaces more hygienic and reduce the opportunities for bacterial and fungal growth.

How does it do that?
AntiMicrobial Synthetic Stock has been manufactured with Biomaster AntiMicrobial technology, with independent laboratory testing demonstrating a 99.99% reduction in microbes after 24 hours.

Can I clean it?
It can be cleaned with soapy water, bleach or safely disinfected with a wide variety of alcohol-based cleaning agents - without removing the print!

The fine print: Fuzed does recommend testing the cleaning agent first on a sample before diving in as not all cleaning agents have been fully tested.

And what can I use it for?
It has a wealth of applications, from military to medical, hospitality to retail, the education sector or simply to produce a document that is durable and tear-resistant.

After it’s printed does it still work?
Yes, the AntiMicrobial efficiency is still at the very high rate of 99.94% after full print coverage and is still efffective for as long as the AntiMicrobial coating remains.

So tell me, what’s the difference between Anti-Microbial and Anti-Bacterial?
An anti-microbial inhibits the growth of, or destroys harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds. Anti-bacterial specifically prevents the growth of bacteria.

Where can I see this new product?
At Fuzed of course! Just contact one of our friendly Print Consultants, there’s also a printed sample in our new sample boxes!

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