Once upon a Time..

Oh no! The holiday is over - but also some great news...

Well, I think we all knew 2022 was going to go this way. Despite all of our positivity and hopefulness the logical parts of us always knew to expect Omicron sooner rather than later. All our good thoughts go out to our lovely clients and their families over the coming weeks, we are thinking of you all!

But hey, at least we got an amazing summer holiday, we have to count ourselves lucky really, we got beautiful weather, epic tans and wonderful memories made with our friends and families.

Red Light

Temporary changes

Fuzed will be treating the new Covid variant - Omicron - with caution and while we are in the red light setting we have split our already very small team into two bubbles to ensure the continuity of the business in the coming weeks.

This means that our production crew continues as normal however our print consultants and admin team will not be in the office as normal but working from home. We don’t believe this change will affect the work turnaround too much, your print consultant will let you know if your job is going to be affected.

Another change we have had to make is to walk-in visitors to our site, for the next little while we ask that clients make an appointment with their print consultant before coming to the premises and masks must be worn at all times.

New Fuzed Sample Box

And now for some good news!!

Your new Fuzed sample boxes are completed!

They are gorgeous and ready to come to you! You now have 5 cool boxes to choose from and inside you’ll find a few new treats as well, including impressive new lenticular samples!

Contact your print consultant today to arrange delivery of your new Fuzed sample box. Greg - greg@fuzed.co.nz
Brendon - brendon@fuzed.co.nz
Peta - peta@fuzed.co.nz
Karen - karen@fuzed.co.nz
Or simply email info@fuzed.co.nz and we’ll get one out to you.

Katikati Open Air Art – Lenticular Exhibition

We were astounded with the response we received from our first Lenticular Art Exhibition over the holidays. Its seems lenticular art has created quite a buzz!

We are pleased to announce that our second viewing opens on Monday 31st January at the Carlton Gallery and runs until the 13th of August. So if you’re in the area for the next two long weekends, pop on in and see some cool art, you might even catch our lovely Karen who will be popping in and out also!

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