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Lignum Et Ferro Business Cards

Lignum Et Ferro meaning “Wood and Steel”.

This South West Victoria based bespoke furniture business approached Fuzed with a clear vision in mind for their brand new business cards. “Can you bring to life “Wood and Steel” in print.

We knew this one wasn’t going to be easy but we were excited at the challenge! We sampled several “wood” stocks but were unhappy with the cost this attributed to the job. However, we had the solution at our fingertips. Our 3D digital over glossing machine is not only known to produce Spot UV like its on steroids but it also able to create a texture in polymer on top of the print layer. Our designer did an amazing job creating the wood texture effect in Digital Overglossing on top of a digitally printed wood image and a layer of soft touch laminate, this really brought the “wood” side of the card to life.

And the black “steel” side of the card reflected perfectly the vision we were trying to achieve of powder coated black steel by using digital print on top of silver laminate and then gloss laminate to give it a real shine! Mounting two sheets together with the added layers of laminates also gave these cards a really prestigious feel.

Lignum Et Ferro were so impressed, see their unboxing video and photos here.

Read more about it in our case study


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